Title I Programs

What is Title I:

Title I is a federally funded program designed to improve educational opportunities. We strongly believe that all children are capable of learning. Title I serves students who need extra help and time with math and/or reading concepts and skills. The program is designed to improve their educational success.


The Title I program:

  • Provides early intervention for students in Numeracy and Literacy
  • Promotes a positive attitude toward math and/or reading
  • Improves student achievement in reading/writing and math
  • Builds students’ self-esteem and confidence
  • Provides individual or small group instruction according to student needs
  • Enables parents to be math and reading partners with their child
Several different criteria are used to determine eligibility for Title I services. Among them include: teacher and Educational Support Team recommendations, parent concerns, student screening information, local assessments, and other current student data.
We work closely with the classroom teacher to monitor student progress. When a student’s reading or math achievement reaches their appropriate grade level, the student exits the program. The Title I teacher and classroom teacher continue to monitor the student’s progress to ensure he/she meets grade level standards.
Students come to the Title I room for additional instruction in reading or math on a regular basis. The students may come individually or with a small group of children. Sometimes the Title I teacher goes into the regular classroom and works with students there.
  • Students receive more intensive additional instruction
  • Students are provided with more individualized instruction
  • Students experience success in the Title I program which increases self-esteem and motivation in other academic areas
  • Students receive instruction specific to identified needs
  • Students receive early intervention to ensure they have fundamental skills to build upon
At the beginning of each school year, a participating school district must notify the parents/guardians of each student attending a building that receives Title I funds that the parents/guardians may request, and the district will provide in a timely manner, information regarding the professional qualifications of their child’s classroom teachers.